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For more than 80 years, UBC Sororities has given collegiate women the opportunity to imagine the limitless opportunities they can create for themselves, lead their peers, make genuine connections and continuously grow.

UBC Sororities is a large and welcoming community of diverse individuals. Our organization provides an environment where women can cultivate a healthy, balanced, and engaged university experience. With emphasis on leadership, involvement, and community service, UBC Sororities fosters strong and ambitious women who look to impact their communities both on and off campus.

With a large alumnae organization, UBC Sororities provides its members with countless networking and support opportunities to succeed during university.

SHE’S GOT US FLYING – OUR #WCW THIS WEEK IS MIKAYLA!Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I knew I wanted to become a part of a group of women that would become a constant throughout my four years of university. What I never expected was how quickly Theta became that family that I could rely on no matter what. I thought sisterhood was just a word used to describe your “sorority friends” but these women are so much more than just friends. They are my sisters and I am so happy I know each and every one of them.