Tours Schedule and Structure

In the first round, you will be assigned ONE of the following days:

Wednesday, September 13th, 4:30PM-9:45PM 

Thursday, September 14th, 4:30PM-9:45PM

During the first round, you will visit all eight of our chapters! At each chapter visit, the sorority women will welcome you at the door and one of them will “pick you up” for your first conversation. You will get a chance to meet a few members and possibly hear some speeches. Tours visits are the shortest and you will find that they will go by very quickly! It’s best to make sure that you are making good use of your time in each chapter room by aiming to make meaningful connections from the moment you step in the door!

There are 10 minutes in between the visits. This is time for the sororities to make notes so that they can remember you; after all, they will be meeting hundreds of potential new members that day! Please keep quiet in the hallways during these 10 minutes and keep your thoughts to yourself. This is your time to make YOUR notes on the women you met and the way you felt about the sorority you just visited. You will find space in your Formal Recruitment handbook to make notes for the chapters that you visited. Remember to always be respectful! Your experience is yours, not your friends!

During one of your rotations, you will have a lunch break where you can socialize with your Recruitment Counselors and the other members in your group. This is great time to ask questions about sorority life and address any concerns you may have to your Recruitment Counselors! We recommend that you do not leave the Panhellenic house during this time as the breaks go by just as fast as the rounds.

During your meal break, you will get instructions regarding next steps such as how to use the online selection system. Your Recruitment Counselor will explain this process further at that time!