Preference Schedule and Structure

The final round will take place on Sunday, September 17th and you will check-in with your Recruitment Counselor at Panhellenic House (2770 Wesbrook Mall)

You will be placed in ONE of the following time slots:





During Preference, you will visit up to two sororities. Each visit is 1 hour and will include an intimate ceremony. You will most likely be matched with somebody who you have previously talked to and you might be asked to take part in the ceremony, along with other potential new members. This is your last opportunity to truly connect with the women in each chapter, so we urge you to make an effort to talk about deeper experiences and don’t feel afraid to open up and show these women who you really are.

Once you’ve completed your Preference schedule, you’ll head over to the Forestry Sciences Center and after a quick information session, do your final selection there.