Preference Conversation

This is the most formal round of recruitment. Each chapter does things a little differently, but they all bring you closer to their cause and values. At this point, the women know you a little better so you can focus more on talking about the sorority and the sorority experience. Focus your conversation on deeper connections and don’t be afraid to open up to the woman you are speaking with during preference.

Here are some conversation tips for Preference:

  • At this point, we suggest that your conversation does not include basic information about where you are from or how your summer was.
  • The point of this round is to make a long-lasting bond with a woman who could potentially become your sister, feel comfortable enough to share your intimate experiences.
  • Some of the sorority members may get emotional during the ceremony. Don’t get freaked out; their sorority means a lot to them and they are just trying to share their experience with you.
  • Tell the women what you like or admire about the sorority.
  • Focus the conversation on sorority experiences. Ask the girl you are matched with questions about how she felt when she got her bid or how she felt when she found out who her big sister was.
  • Remember to get to know other potential new members in your preference group and recruitment counselor groups. No matter what sorority you all end up in, you’ll all be a part of UBC Sororities!