Below are instructions for selecting the sororities after each round of recruitment. Please ensure that you follow the directions carefully and double-check your selections.

Deadline: You will have until 7:00pm tonight to complete your online selections.

Assistance: Contact us at 604-880-7178 immediately for assistance. Do not wait until the next round as we will not be able to alter choices or input selections after the deadline.


Use the link (from your worksheet or email) and login info (from your worksheet) to access your account. Make sure to select “Sorority” for login type.











You should now be at the selections page.

For this round, select sororities in the Selected column (order in this column does not matter). These sororities are the two sororities you enjoyed your time with the most.

Move the sororities you wish to be in the Selected column by clicking on the chapter and then the < button.


















The 3 remaining sororities must be moved from the Available/Regret column to the Rank column. Move the remaining sororities using the same method as above.

You must then arrange the sororities you just placed in the ‘Rank’ column in order of preference. Remember that #1 is your favorite out of that group.

To rank you must click on the sorority and use the up and down arrows (circled below in blue).













Double-check your selections then click Save (the button circled above in blue). This will bring you to a page that gives you an overview of your choices.

Triple-check that everything is the way you want it.




Thanks for your submission!