Invitationals Schedule and Structure 

Saturday, September 16th 2017, 9:00AM-5:00PM

Check-In with your RC: Panhellenic House (2770 Wesbrook Mall)

You will be assigned ONE of the following start times:  

9:00AM OR 10:00AM OR 12:00PM OR 2:00PM

During Invitationals, the second round, you will visit up to five chapters. When you arrive, your Recruitment Counselors will give you your personalized schedule.

Invitationals is less casual than Tours. The women in each sorority are likely to be a little more dressed up, and we encourage you to do the same if that would make you more comfortable!

Similar to Tours, when you enter each room, you will be greeted at the door. Some chapters may choose to pair you up with a girl who you’ve previously talked to while others may have you meet a new girl. Again, you will talk to several girls. Some chapters will present a video slideshow and may have scrapbooks available for you to view. During this round, the women in each chapter may cheer upon your entry. It is okay to feel overwhelmed! These women are passionate about their organizations and want to share their excitement with you.

Once Invitationals has come to an end, your Recruitment Counselors will review how to do the online selection process with you once more.