Choosing a Sorority

You will order each sorority that you visit in terms of your preference after each round of recruitment via our online selection system. When you choose your top selections, try to base your choices on which sororities you felt a connection with and would like to visit again. You are not guaranteed a visit to your top selections or the maximum number of parties for the next round. In fact, it is not that common to receive the maximum number of invitations.

When you receive your invites for the next round, remember that these are the sororities that would like to get to know you even better. If you don’t receive an invitation from your initial “favorite” sorority, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t like you; they may just see you shining brighter in another chapter!

Be true to yourself and do not let anybody else influence which sororities are top selections. The recruitment matching system is designed to place everybody in a sorority where there is a mutual fit. If you attend all your parties with a positive attitude and follow the recruitment advice provided, you have a very good chance of being placed in a sorority at UBC.

At Bid Day, if you receive a bid to the sorority that you marked as your second choice, do not be alarmed. Go to the Bid Day celebration and make an effort to get to know the women in this chapter. Sometimes it will take time to adjust and make friends; don’t assume that you will automatically become best friends with everybody on bid day. Friendship is a mutual process and you have to attend events to get to know everyone. After a few months of membership, many members who did not get their top choice on bid day end up saying that they can’t see themselves anywhere else!