Time Commitment

How many hours a week will I need to commit to participating in sorority activities?

Joining a sorority is an overall commitment; not just of time. Being students, however, time is often in short supply and we acknowledge that. For this reason, we want to help inform you of the mandatory events that all sorority members attend so you can ensure sorority membership will fit with your student/life balance at UBC.

Weekly Mandatory Events

During your new member period, you will attend an extra meeting for about 1-2 hours each week, generally on Wednesday nights. This new member meeting is where you will be taught in-depth information about the sorority’s values, history and programs. It’s also a great way to bond with your new member class.

All chapters hold weekly chapter meetings on Wednesday nights. Mandatory attendance at these meetings ranges from weekly to twice a month. These meetings are to conduct sorority business (budgeting, elections, planning) and to deliver sorority programming (character development, fun activities, etc.). Expect to spend about 2-3 hours at each chapter meeting.

Some chapters have weekly mandatory study hours and programs to help members meet the minimum membership grade requirement. You’d be studying anyway but some chapters have programs where a certain number of hours must be completed with a study buddy or include a study session check-in. At the bare minimum, a typical week may look something like this:

Calender 1

In order to show support for other sorority and fraternity chapters on campus, and to get involved with the community, many chapters will circulate sign up lists for service, sports and social events. It won’t be mandatory that you attend them all but you will be expected to sign up and participate for what the chapter executive sets as each member’s “fair share.” Each chapter has different expectations of the amount of time they require members to commit to these other activities. It’s important to ask them during recruitment! For members who wish to get involved in all aspects of sorority life, a typical week may look something like this:

Calender 2

No chapter meetings take place during any school recess (i.e. exam periods, winter/summer break and reading week).

Annual Mandatory Events

  • Chapter Retreats (1-3 days each, approx 3 times/ year)
  • Formal Recruitment (5 days, 1 time/ year)
  • Panhellenic Events (4 hours each, at least 3 times/year)
  • Your chapter’s philanthropy events (6 hours each, 1 time/ year)
  • Founders Day (2-3 hours, 1 time/ year)
  • Alumnae Events (2-3 hours each, 1-2 times/ year)
  • Parent Events (2-3 hours each, 1-2 times/ year)
  • Send Off Seniors (2-3 hours, 1 time/ year)