What is recruitment?

Recruitment is the process by which sororities meet and get to know women interested in membership and vice versa!

Our main recruitment event is called formal recruitment. It normally occurs in the first few weeks of September. Formal recruitment consists of three ‘rounds’: Tours, Invitationals, and Preference. After these rounds, formal recruitment ends with Bid day, which is where the women receive invitations of membership (called a ‘Bid’) to their respective sororities and celebrate!

What do you talk about during recruitment?

UBC Sororities is a values-based organization. This means that you receive a ‘Bid’ from a chapter based on your values. Before each round, it is important to prepare. Think job interview style – just a little bit more intimate! The best way for sorority women to get to know you would be to talk about your passions, your goals, your accomplishments, what you value in your life, and how your values shape who you are!

Why go through recruitment?

Recruitment is an incredible experience itself. It is meant to be informative, and it is extremely fun! It is the best opportunity to see Greek life at UBC. You have no obligation to join a sorority if you go through recruitment, so why not give it a try?

How do I register for formal recruitment?

Registration for Formal Recruitment opens at the start of August. Be sure to follow UBC Sororities on all social media accounts, as well as the other chapters. This will ensure that you never miss an update!

Which recruitment events are mandatory if I want to go through formal recruitment?

To complete the formal recruitment process, you are required to attend Tours, Invitationals and Preference – our three recruiting events. These events have been planned to accommodate religious holidays and to minimize conflict with classes and work schedules.

Bid Day attendance is not required to receive an invitation to membership at UBC, but we strongly recommend that you participate! Chapters tend to plan exciting events for their new members to welcome them into their sisterhood. It is technically your first event as a sorority woman… so you don’t want to miss it!

If I go through recruitment, do I have to join?

Going through recruitment does not mean you are obligated to join a sorority. The objective of recruitment is to meet all the different sororities on our campus and see what they can offer you. Hopefully you will make some incredible and genuine connections, but if you feel sororities are not for you during the process, we will understand if you do not wish to continue with recruitment. Going through recruitment and attending the functions does not commit you to joining!

Is recruitment only for first-year students?

Not at all! Recruitment and the opportunities we highlight offer advantages for all undergraduate UBC women, regardless of age. No matter what year you are in, these events will be engaging, interesting and unforgettable!

I missed formal recruitment – Can I still join a sorority this year?

Yes! Although formal recruitment is our main recruitment event, chapters often also hold additional events throughout the year. However, this informal recruitment process is done on an as-needed basis and so not all chapters participate in/hold these events. For that reason, we do strongly encourage interested women to go through formal recruitment!

Do I need to pay anything to participate in formal recruitment?

The cost of registration for formal recruitment is the following:

  • $35 – If paying online
  • $40 – If paying on the day of the first round of recruitment

This fee will pay for things like administrative fees and your provided meals during recruitment. We highly encourage that you register online, and early! It is important that you secure a spot and send us your correct information prior to our Recruitment event.

I still have more questions, who can I contact?

If after browsing our website you still have unanswered questions, please feel free to email