Greek Glossary

Active – An undergraduate sorority woman who is a current and initiated member of her chapter.

Alumna – A sorority woman who has graduated. Alumnae (plural) often assist collegiate sorority women with recruitment.

Bid – An invitation to sorority membership.

Chapter – Another word for an individual sorority at UBC. Example:  Zeta Zeta chapter at the University of British Columbia.

Disaffiliate – A woman who is temporarily “removed” from her sorority in order to stay neutral and assist PNMs during their recruitment process. Your recruitment counselor and the Panhellenic Council are all disaffiliated during Formal Recruitment.

Fraternity – Greek-letter sisterhood or brotherhood. Some sororities are  “women’s fraternities” but use the word “sorority” for clarification.

Initiation – A ceremony whereby new members of a sorority become official active members.

Invitationals – The second round of Formal Recruitment at UBC. This round consists of visiting up to five sororities for 30 minutes each .

Legacy – A woman whose grandmother/mother/sister is a member of a sorority. She is a legacy to that sorority.

National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) – The international governing body of the 26 inter/national sororities.

New Member – A woman who has accepted a bid from a sorority but is not yet initiated.

New Member Period – The period after formal recruitment (usually 4-9 weeks) where new members learn about their organization and participate in activities to get to know their active sisters before initiation.

Panhellenic Association – A university based governing body of sororities.

Potential New Member (PNM) – A woman going through sorority recruitment.

Recruitment Counselor- A disaffiliated woman who assists PNMs during recruitment and offers impartial advice.

Preference (or Pref) – The last and most formal round of recruitment, which consists of visiting up to two sororities for 60 minutes each.

Sorority – A Greek letter sisterhood.

Tours – The first round of formal recruitment at UBC consists of visits to eight sororities for 20 minutes each.