Our Values

This code of ethics is a standard by which all sorority women at the University of British Columbia will strive to uphold. This code was created by the UBC Panhellenic Council to encourage integrity, loyalty, and mutual respect among all Panhellenic women. This code establishes a high set of values and promotes diversity, member development, and collaboration among sorority women to advance the success of the UBC Panhellenic community.

Code of Ethics:

  • Diversity: As a Panhellenic community, we promote diversity by giving members of different backgrounds equal opportunity to take part in our organization. We welcome women of all nationalities, religions, races, and interests to increase the diversity of our membership.
  • Respect: As Panhellenic women, it is our duty to have respect for ourselves and for those around us by embracing each other’s opinions and values. We will promote friendly relationships by dispelling ignorance, avoiding disparaging remarks about others, and actively empowering each other.
  • Integrity: As sorority women at UBC, we will uphold the principles upon which our organizations were founded. We believe in establishing the highest level of honesty and transparency between members in our Panhellenic community.
  • Loyalty: In maintaining positive Panhellenic spirit, we represent our community by keeping our commitments and upholding the ideals of our chapters. We believe that Panhellenic rules shall be adhered to and that members are responsible for being educated of these rules.
  • Collaboration: As a united community, we will support every chapter and avoid accepting unfair advantages to benefit our own sorority. Effective communication and the willingness to work together will be encouraged to ensure cooperation. By being active leaders, we will set our differences aside to promote unity in our Panhellenic community.
  • Development: Members of UBC Panhellenic are encouraged to partake in opportunities for development. We understand the possibilities of mistakes and will learn from our actions to promote positive development. We will encourage participation in diverse opportunities and will make a commitment to progress.

As a community of sorority women, it is the responsibility of every member to respect and live by these ethical standards, which ensures a positive Panhellenic experience for every woman. We will work together to support members in our four tenets of Greek Life at UBC, which include service, leadership, scholarship and social involvement. With this code of ethics, we will strive for honour to establish a legacy for future generations of UBC Panhellenic women.