Alpha Omicron Pi


AOIIs live to demonstrate never ending love, compassion, charity, loyalty, support, and sisterhood. We continually work to exceed the expectation, pushing ourselves to become newer and better versions of ourselves with the support of our sisters. In AOII we have found a family that loves and embraces our personalities, strengths, and quirks. We encourage each other to recognise what is unique and beautiful, develop our talents, and be proud of our differences. Through studying together, volunteering, demonstrating leadership, and even simply giving our sisters a beaming smile and welcoming hug, each of us has found a place where we can be ourselves and feel at home in AOII.

Nickname: AOII

Colors: Cardinal

Flower: Jacqueminot Rose

Mascot / Symbol: Panda

Philanthropy: The Arthritis Society

President: Ranya Benarfa