Imagine what this upcoming year will bring.

Get ready; you’re about to start a brand-new chapter in your life! What is it that you’re looking forward to?

Just the thought of this change can be overwhelming! Believe us, sharing a professor with hundreds of students, being introduced to over 400 clubs, or making new friends in a University of over 50,000 students can feel a little intimidating. We’ve all been there! The number one reason our members join is to find their home away from home. Make the most of your University experience and discover what it means to be a part of a small, close-knit community. Let your journey begin here.

Take the lead.

We want you to explore, and succeed on this campus beyond the classroom. What is it that you’re passionate about?

Don’t hold back because UBC has A LOT to offer. Go to tryouts for that dance team! Get involved with that club you’ve signed up for! Apply for a leadership position in your own chapter! We want to support you in all of your personal pursuits, and help you gain valuable skills in this community and in other campus organizations. At the end of the day, it’s the inspiring women by your side that enable you to reach your highest goals. Let us be your support system.

Expand your connections.

We’ve all heard it before: the friends you make in University are the ones you’ll have for life. So, where do you even begin?

Campus feels so much more familiar when your network grows! One minute you’re standing next to total strangers, and the next you’re laughing harder and smiling brighter with some of your best friends. Ten years from now, you won’t remember the numerous caffeine-driven study hours, but you WILL remember that first time you ordered pizza to the study hall while your sisters snapped the whole thing! This community helps build relationships that will last beyond graduation. You are no longer 1 in 50,000! You are never alone with UBC Sororities.

Grow into your best possible self.

Undergraduate life is full of decisions. How can ONE choice make such a huge impact on the rest of your life?

We ask ourselves that every day, too! UBC will take you on a journey of personal, academic and professional development. You may know exactly what you want out of your University experience, or maybe you haven’t got the slightest clue! No matter the case, these are the women that will encourage you to apply for your next internship, help you with your study notes, AND go out for ice cream with you (just because!). Come graduation, you will have reached your fullest potential. Joining UBC Sororities is your first step!

So, what are you waiting for?

You only have four years in your undergraduate degree – make them count and make us a part of your story!