Become a Recruitment Counselor!

As a recruitment counselor, you get the opportunity to be the face of UBC Sororities. RC’s are leaders in our community. You will guide women through the vulnerabilities and  challenges of formal recruitment while helping potential new members find their way. It is also an opportunity to connect with other Panhellenic women and grow your network outside of your own affiliation. Here is what some past RC’s had to say when asked about their experience –



What did you gain from your time as a Recruitment Counselor? Would you recommend the RC program to other members in our community?

I knew that being a recruitment counsellor would be an incredible way to connect with all of the new women joining UBC Sororities, but what I didn’t know is that I would also strengthen and create incredible bonds within the Panhellenic community. It can be easy to forget that your membership in a sorority is so much greater than just the women in your chapter. Putting on formal recruitment with the help of women from all 8 chapters was an amazing bonding experience and I gained some really valuable friendships with women in different sororities. It was really special to connect with these women and realize that although we wear different letters, we’re more similar than we are different. I’d encourage everyone to give the RC program a try so you can branch out and make long-lasting connections in your Panhellenic community!

– Julia Burnham, Alpha Phi // Recruitment Counselor 2017

Yes! I would recommend the RC program to all women in UBC Sororities. It was such an incredible and rewarding experience. Helping women through the process of recruitment is so fulfilling – you are their first contact and you are the one that’s there for them throughout the process. You’re there to guide them to their home and seeing their huge smiles on bid day is priceless!

– Zahara Baugh, Alpha Omicron Pi // Recruitment Counselor 2017

“I want to be an RC but I don’t want to miss out on recruiting for my own chapter.” How would you respond to this?

First off, being an RC does mean that you miss out on recruitment because you are recruiting girls. It just means that you get to interact with these amazing women and help them find a place in our community. Sometimes you’ll see photos of you chapter recruiting and it’ll feel like you’re left out but at the end of the day, you’re still a part of them. When we all reconnected on Bid Day, it was honestly worth the wait. Having these new members that I helped through this decision and coming back to these women that recruited me, it made me feel so loved. I would truly recommend being an RC because it gives you the chance to connect with these women in a way that allows you to become both their confidant and more importantly their friend.

– Alia Aleali, Gamma Phi Beta // Recruitment Counselor 2017

What is your favourite memory from your time as a Recruitment Counselor?

One of the best memories of being a Recruitment Counsellor was this past year at Send Off Seniors (SOS). Even though it was 8 months after Recruitment had finished, I saw so many of my friends get awards and accreditations, and it was a moment where I reflected and really was just so amazed at how many amazing women I had met through the Recruitment Counsellor Program. I preach it all the time, but when you join a sorority, you aren’t just joining your 100 sisters- you are joining 800 women who are all empowered, successful, strong, and independent. The RC program gives the opportunity to develop your own skills, gain mentorship experience, and make memories- asking me to choose one memory is impossible, because I have made so many great memories with all of the amazing people I have met through the RC Program!

– Samantha Solomon, Kappa Alpha Theta // Recruitment Counselor 2016, Director of Recruitment Counselors 2017