Panhellenic Unplugged: Part 3

Formal Recruitment can be a lot; a lot of new people, a lot of rooms to visit, and a lot of sorority letters to remember. With Imagine Day yesterday, and your first classes today, it’s safe to say you’re in information overload – we’ve all been there. Luckily, when you come through Formal Recruitment we connect you with Recruitment Counselors who are there for you; they’ll answer your questions, walk you through the entire process, and help you balance your information overload like no other!

We talked to Emily, Becca, and Ramona, three of our active members, to understand how they felt when they were going through Formal Recruitment. Hopefully reading their stories helps you further imagine your experience with UBC Sororities!

Emily Hirst

(Right) Member of Gamma Phi Beta

I was really unsure about Formal Recruitment when I first considered signing up. My older sister was already in a sorority, so I was nervous to join, in fear of being known as her ‘little sister’. But, I decided to go through Formal Recruitment and made an effort to have my own experience.Throughout high school, I had been on several cheerleading teams, so I was looking for a community where I could feel that support and friendship, which I had previously from my team. 

My favorite memory from Formal Recruitment was definitely Bid Day. No words can accurately describe the amount of joy and love that was felt, and in those moments I realized I had found the community that I was looking for; it was completely overwhelming and amazing all at once.

Before going through Formal Recruitment, I had an expectation that every chapter would be the exact same. But, every chapter is so different, which is part of what is so amazing about UBC Sororities. There truly is a place for everyone. Looking back on my experience I am extremely grateful, not just for finding my immediate community within my sorority, but also for the amazing people that I met through the Formal Recruitment process. If I could give any advice, it would be to be to keep an open mind. Don’t close yourself off from opportunities (or people) just because you think you have your heart set on something else.

Becca Engen

Member of Alpha Gamma Delta

I came into UBC already knowing I wanted to join a sorority. For me, Formal Recruitment was a stepping stone to get me to something I’d always dreamed about. I was looking for a place to find like-minded people who would support me and encourage me to go outside my comfort zone. I also wanted to find a way to continue giving back to my community, so I thought UBC Sororities would be the perfect fit.

When it finally hit me that Formal Recruitment was happening, I was terrified that I wouldn’t know what to say to the sorority members I would be meeting. Thankfully, my fear was completely unjustified; every girl I talked to kept the conversation going, and was genuinely interested in getting to know me. My favorite part of Formal Recruitment was meeting my Recruitment Counselors and all the other women in my Recruitment Group. It was exciting not knowing who would end up in the same sorority as me, but knowing that after Recruitment was over, I would already have friends in other sororities.

Bid Day was the most exciting part of Formal Recruitment because I found that some of my new recruitment friends ended up in the same sorority as me and that one of my Recruitment Counsellors was an older member of my organization. Looking back on my experience, the biggest piece of advice I can give for Formal Recruitment is to be yourself. You’ll be lucky enough to find people who will love you for you, not for the person you think you should act like in order to fit in.

Ramona Terhi Alexandra Teinila

Member of Alpha Omicron Pi

When I registered for Formal Recruitment, I was looking for a connection with women who inspire me to do more. I wanted to meet women who I could support, and who I could rely on to do the same for me. I had no idea how I was going to find those connections in such a short time, but I knew it was worth giving it a try.

Once it sank in that Formal Recruitment was actually happening, I started to worry that the women in each chapter weren’t going to see me for who I am.  However, when visiting my first sorority, my feelings of concern melted away; I got lost in the great conversations I was having with the women I met.

My advice for those going through Formal Recruitment is to remember that everyone is just as excited and nervous, as you are them – their goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Also, remember that we’re all human, and mistakes happen. I slipped and fell when walking into one of the rooms during the second round of Recruitment, and was able to laugh the embarrassment away with the women around me! One of the things I remember most from my Formal Recruitment experience was watching the bonds that emerged between the women in the sororities. This became even more apparent during each day of Formal Recruitment 

Why not give it a try? Discover Formal Recruitment for yourself and register today!

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