Our Members View: One Girl Can, Part 4

In our final One Girl Can Blog, we’d like to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you to One Girl Can, who provided us with the incredible opportunity to support Linet and Mapenzi by sponsoring their secondary education. Thank you to the individuals who jumpstarted this new partnership for UBC Sororities. But most importantly, we’d like to thank our members, who have been so supportive and enthusiastic about sponsoring these two young women and joining the mission of creating gender equality through education. Every member of UBC Sororities has made a tremendous impact on these women and this mission, and we’d like to take this opportunity to once again, say thank you for helping make this partnership a reality.

Today, we’d like to highlight a member of our organization who truly believes in this mission and these women. Read about what our Vice President Recruitment has to say about Linet, Mapenzi, and creating gender equality through education.

Here’s What Jade Thinks

Two words – development and strength. Both Linet and Mapenzi are fantastic examples of individuals who strive to develop themselves and the world around them. I want to recognize the strength of these women for all that they have faced, and the courage that they have to keep moving toward their goals and career dreams. Linet dreams of being an electrical engineer and Mapenzi dreams of being an educator; their goals commit them to the development and prosperity of those around them. Through accomplishing their goals, Linet and Mapenzi will be able to strengthen the identity of women in their community. The adversities that they face cannot weaken their ambition, which is truly an accomplishment in itself. Linet and Mapenzi set an example for strength for women around the world by proving that perseverance has no gender.

Jade Jones

Predictability – we wake up, we get in the shower, we eat, and we go to class. We forget to appreciate the fact that we know how our days will go and that we will always go to bed safe. As students, we have a schedule. We take this for granted when we forget to cherish the predictability of our schedules, which is synonymous with stability in our lives – we know that when we go to sleep on Sunday nights we will always wake up to our education on Monday mornings.

By promising education through our sponsorship with One Girl Can, Linet and Mapenzi will never have to question their capacity to pursue their career and education goals. Through providing these women with an education, we are promising them integrity, strength, and equality as a predictable part of their day that no one can ever take away from them.

UBC Sororities is the biggest all women’s organization at UBC, which brings us to the first thing we have in common with Linet and Mapenzi – we are ALL girls with the drive to do good and want more for our communities. UBC Sororities has been providing opportunities for personal growth, leadership, and scholarship for undergraduate women for years. It’s time for us to take the next step. By expanding our network to the global community, we are providing opportunities for leadership, growth, and scholarship to women outside of UBC. Through our unique set of values at UBC Sororities, we promise to create an empowering experience for undergraduate women. Through our partnership with One Girl Can, we are promising Linet and Mapenzi the opportunity to live by their own values of loyalty to their community, stability, and scholarship through their education. 

Although we come from different countries, the women of UBC Sororities have a very distinct quality in common with the two women we are sponsoring – we are all women with ambition who prioritize our goals alongside helping others. We are all part of the same world. We can learn a lot from people who are different than us. Expanding to a global community gives UBC Sororities the ability to recognize the different gender inequality still present in the world. By diversifying our network, we are realizing how privileged we are to have gender equality at UBC. This is the first step in making gender equality a global project. Since we are moving closer to achieving it at UBC, we can really start to say to ourselves “that’s great, but how can we achieve it everywhere else?”


Thank you for engaging with our mission and our sponsorship of Linet and Mapenzie, you’re support is endlessly appreciated. If you haven’t already, check out our first, second, and third One Girl Can Blog, and don’t forget to #ConnectWithUs on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!