Introducing Linet: One Girl Can, Part 3

In our first blog, we introduced you to our new charity partner, One Girl Can, and Mapenzi, our first sponsorship recipient; in our second, one of our members spoke to her experience with the organization. Today, we’d like to tell you about why One Girl Can believes ‘education changes everything’, and introduce you to Linet, our second sponsorship recipient!

Why Education?

As mentioned in previous blogs, One Girl Can is focused on creating gender equality through education for girls in Africa living in extreme poverty. As an all women’s organization, on the surface it seems logical for UBC Sororities to support the creation of gender equality, however, we want to dive deeper; we hope to inform our members and others on why education is the answer for these girls. In turn, this will allow us to further cherish the impact our sponsorships will make on Mapenzie and Linet. 

One Girl Can believes that education has the power to end intergenerational cycles of inequality and improve the lives of girls, and the societies in which they live. After working to achieve their secondary level education thanks to our sponsorship, Mapenzi and Linet will respect themselves and be respected by others. They will feel empowered to challenge traditionally held gender roles and ultimately become an electrical engineer (Linet’s dream) or a teacher who educates others like herself (Mapenzie’s dream). Moving forward these girls will establish critical thinking skills, which are essential for effective leadership and communication. These skills will enhance their future careers, self-image, relationships, family lives, and so much more. They will undoubtedly increase the economic prosperity of their current and future families. Mapenzi and Linet will likely marry later in life and have fewer children, whom will also have an increased quality of health. 

The impact UBC Sororities has the ability and privilege to make on these two individuals is truly immeasurable, and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to help improve their lives with the gift of education.

Meet Linet

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Linet, our second sponsorship recipient. We hope that by learning about the positive impacts an education will have on her life, her story will be appreciated even more.

Linet Wangari Njiru

Linet comes from a family of two. She lives with her mother who is a single parent, and she has no knowledge of her father, including his name. Her mother is a farmer and continues to struggle to pay for all of her and Linet’s needs; food doesn’t come to the family with ease, so it is no wonder that Linet’s school fees are also difficult for her mother to cover. In her application, Linet expressed that some of her relatives regard her and her mother as “useless in the family”. She has even experienced abuse from her cousin, who has beaten her, and made her do both her and Linet’s share of their work. Linet said, “I was forced to do all she required me to do”.

Her mother has struggled for everything the two of them have “needed at home”, yet Linet has always persevered through hard times and appreciated good moments. While waiting for plants to grow, Linet and her mother work in other people’s gardens to make extra money. She has been described by her friends as a “good leader, and a kind, obedient girl”. Her teacher describes her as “hardworking and industrious”. Linet’s dream has always been to become an electrical engineer. This career would help Linet provide for herself and her mother, along with her community, which is something that Linet feels is very important.

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