Our Members View: One Girl Can, Part 2

In our latest blog, we told you about our new charity partner, One Girl Can, and introduced you to Mapenzi, a 15-year-old girl who now (thanks to our sponsorship) has the opportunity to attend secondary school! In this blog, we’d like to highlight a member of our organization who has shown initiative and interest in this partnership. We hope that by sharing her thoughts, you will be inspired to support the overarching mission of One Girl Can: to create gender equality through education.

Here’s what Kennedy thinks

Part of my job as the Vice President Public Relations is to ensure that everything UBC Sororities does, aligns with our values as an organization. Taking this idea to heart, I re-thought what our annual donation should look like, and re-evaluated what kind of mission we should be using our collective voice to support. The answer became clear – As a support network of women brought together by our desire for education, what mission could possibly be more fitting than supporting women’s education around the globe?

Kennedy Gagnon

In an institution as inclusive as UBC, it’s easy to take for granted how lucky I am to firstly, be a student here, and secondly, be in university at all. Many individuals, particularly women and girls, never get the chance to be exposed to the gift of education, simply because of their gender and a lack of opportunity. The last blog mentioned, “the most powerful and empowering tool a woman can possess is education”, in my opinion, this could not be more true; it is the reason I am so thankful that as a member of UBC Sororities, I’m helping to provide the opportunity for Mapenzi and Linet (our two sponsorship recipients) to be empowered through education, as I have been.

Learning about these two individuals was truly humbling. Although both girls face many adversities in their lives, they were repeatedly described as considerate and devoted in their applications; they strive to achieve their best and even more notably, have the common goal of using the education we are helping to provide, to ultimately give back to their families and communities. Mapenzi and Linet have inspired me to join One Girl Can’s mission of creating gender equality through education, and I am thrilled to be a part of the reason they will have the opportunity to realize their full potential – I hope you feel the same!

Stay tuned for more blogs about our mission with One Girl Can and to meet Linet, our second sponsorship recipient, soon!

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