Introducing Mapenzi: One Girl Can, Part 1

We are very excited to announce that UBC Sororities is sponsoring two young women’s secondary school educations, with the help of our new charity partner, One Girl Can!

One Girl Can

Founded by Lotte Davis, One Girl Can is a registered charity based in Vancouver. Since 2008, it has been working directly with schools and communities in Uganda and Kenya to combat the global gender imbalance, which has a particularly adverse effect in underdeveloped countries. Lotte, originally native to Africa herself, has witnessed a pattern of women and girls who are  locked in poverty simply because they have no opportunity to earn a living; inspired to make a change, she searched for a way to improve the conditions these women and girls continue to face, and developed a passion for giving girls in Africa the opportunity to achieve their potential and dreams. She soon found the answer: education – education changes everything.

One Girl Can is focused on creating gender equality through education for girls living in extreme poverty in Africa, and UBC Sororities could not be more thrilled to join this mission. This organization truly embodies the values of UBC Sororities and offers one of the most powerful and empowering tools a woman can possess – education. One Girl Can connects meaningfully with our founding roots as we are a group of women who were founded as a support network for women in university who were facing adversities due to their gender.  We contribute to a greater community who continues to help women realize their full potential within their university experiences, and beyond.

Meet Mapenzi

Not only does UBC Sororities directly support gender equality through education, we also have the opportunity to make a meaningful and lasting impact on two girls, their families, and their communities lives. By sponsoring the secondary education of  Mapenzi and Linet (who will be featured in a following blog) UBC Sororities has the privilege to change lives.

Mapenzi Kadii Juma

Mapenzi is a 15-year-old girl with two brothers. Her father does his best to provide for their family, but with a lack of excess money, her brother’s educations have always been prioritized over hers. Her mother is present in her life, but is unable to help provide for the family, leaving them with a single income. Mapenzi has found her motivation from a neighbor who has sold some of his belongings to help pay for her schooling fees, but the family still struggles to reach the amount of funds required to continue her education. She describes herself as “prayerful, patient, hopeful, and disciplined”. Her dream after graduation is to obtain the ability to educate other girls like her, and by doing so, help her parents and her community directly. Her teacher describes her as a “hardworking student who is really determined to achieve her goals”.

To further understand the adversities girls like Mapenzi face, watch this video or check out the One Girl Can website for more information. Make sure to stay tuned for more blogs about our mission with One Girl Can, and to meet Linet, our second sponsorship recipient!

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