Women Making Waves: Part Three

For our final Women Making Waves of the year, we invite you to read about how Novera, Emma and Jillian found their home in UBC Sororities and how they conquer their challenges using the opportunities and experience this organization provides! 

Novera Sayed – Alpha Omicron Pi

Through my experiences, I have learned that success is not a linear path; it is important to always keep in mind the mission of bettering myself through different aspects of my life, rather than only being my own harsh critic. During Send Off Seniors, our annual celebration of graduating members, I feel most empowered by my fellow Panhellenic sisters. As I witness the accomplishments of some of the strongest, entrepreneurial, and driven women I have ever met through my time at UBC, I feel inspired! Belonging to a community that displays so much support for one another is what I appreciate about the Panhellenic community. When I was younger, I wanted to become an astronaut because, who wouldn’t want to be in space? Now, if I could have a weekend escape I would go to my adopted home in Thailand to be with my family.  One of the things that scares me sometimes is change, but I conquer this fear by accepting the things I can’t control, and learning how to adapt to the new paths I create when any challenges are presented to me!

Jillian Leddy (left) – Alpha Delta Pi

When I came from a small town near Ontario and arrived at UBC, leaving my huge family back home was definitely an overwhelming experience. Thankfully, I found my home away in UBC Sororities and my chapter’s philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House. The Panhellenic community and events within my chapter provided me with every experience that I wanted from my university both internally and externally! After joining my chapter I knew that every little success would be that much better knowing that I could share it with the people I love. Success to me is thinking about the little moments of accomplishment, and knowing that I was truly happy with the decisions I made. Through combatting my own mental illness, my future goal of working in a mental ward was born, and this fuels me through any tough early classes or school challenges I may face. Knowing that it will all pay off in the end because I will be able to help others battle their illnesses, is my motivation. Coming from an area where baseball culture is prevalent, it’s not a surprise that my favourite Greek event is Diamond Ball, not only for the ambient environment of the event, but also because I love to see people come together to raise funds that will help the children of the Ronald McDonald House.

Emma Tyrchniewicz (left) – Delta Gamma

Coming to UBC as a transfer student from the States, I was able to find myself and my home away within UBC Sororities. I immediately gained a sense of community through all the events my chapter hosts, as well as events the occur within the Panhellenic and larger Greek community. I have been fortunate to hold executive positions in my chapter, which have assisted in my personal and professional growth; they have helped me build tangible skills that assist me in the professional world! Being part of the team that makes it all happen, and becoming aware of the work that goes into philanthropy and sisterhood events has allowed me to become more confident in my leadership abilities. If you see me anywhere I’ll be holding on to my travel mug of tea, and if I’m not, something is wrong since it’s become one of my trademarks! As a child, I started out wanting to be a cat, but then fulfilled my dream of being an actress after performing in plays and commercials! Next to tea, I love a good meal, so any Greek event with food is one where I’ll be. I appreciate the opportunities to socialize with other members of the Greek community through events, and am so happy I found my home with UBC Sororities!