Women Making Waves: Part Two

Read more about two more lovely women and get insight to what it’s like belonging to the Greek community!

Felipa Schmidt – Kappa Alpha Theta

Felipa in an individual with a keen willingness to learn. She is able to learn so much by the opportunities that have been presented to her through her chapter and UBC Sororities as a whole, and has applied these lessons to outside of the Greek community. Through her experience as a recruitment analyst, Felipa has been able to apply several skills that she originally gained through working behind the scenes of UBC Sororities Formal Recruitment. Receiving hands on education about the logistics and necessities of succeeding in Formal Recruitment assisted her in job interviews, and in the human resources companies she has worked with.

She continues to live by the words of her dad, who suggests that success comes with doing things that you love and make you happy, as well as, being able to pick yourself up after being unsuccessful. In the future, Felipa hopes to utilize film as a tool to educate people in her area of interest,  psychology and human rights. Her ultimate goal is to have someone walk out of a movie she created saying “I learned something”.

Poppy Senhedrai – Alpha Phi

UBC’s greek community has given Poppy more friendships, connections, experiences and personal growth opportunities than she could have ever imagined. She has to built her confidence and leadership skills by taking chances and jumping on every opportunity that has arisen, while always being encouraged by the unconditional support she’s had behind her from her chapter. She continuously competes against herself, and once she achieves a personal best, she defines that as her success. She believes that support and the sharing of success is an important component of growth because personal success, as she defines it, is as important as the success of the community in which the individual is a part of.

A passion of Poppy’s is teaching; working as a lifeguard and swimming teacher at the West Vancouver Aquatic Center is something that motivates Poppy to her to get out of bed. Another motivator for her is committing herself to bettering her educational experience. One of Poppy’s biggest fears is settling, and as a result, never truly being happy. Through her experience at UBC Sororities and with the influence of her friends and family, she has learned to value the true importance of happiness, and her ultimate goal is to lead a happy life!