Seniors Looking Back

Hear a few of our wonderful seniors recalling their final years in UBC Sororities, and their anticipations for our Send Off Seniors event!

Megan Johnstone

Being a member of UBC sororities helped me build the confidence to be a leader and the communication skills I need every day in my career. I am less than a month away from completing my BSc Nursing at UBC’s accelerated program and no matter if it’s studying contraception use on the Downtown East Side or teaching med students how to change a dressing – the leadership skills I gained during my time in AOII have been invaluable. Having been a promo team member and recruitment counselor for panhellenic helped me to fine tune my communication skills which make my assessments more accurate and my therapeutic relationships stronger. However I think the biggest benefit to having a sorority experience has been my friendships, my best friends are sorority women and they have been massive supports through everything. The highlight of SOS for me was watching the chapter president after me accept awards and recognition of behalf of the chapter and knowing that the hard work and leadership the chapter had put in from when I was president.

Alana Garcia

When I joined the UBC sororities community, no words can describe how much love, respect, and kindness existed amongst all the members. I found myself amongst such brilliant, powerful and independent women who continually inspire and encourage me to strive for excellence. As I prepare for graduation, I cannot even begin to imagine where these phenomenal women will take our sisterhood in the future. I can only hope that each member continues to be true to herself, to pursue her dreams and to seek adventure. I look forward to SOS every year because it is the only day when the entirety of UBC Sororities comes together to celebrate not only the achievements of the graduating members, but also the accomplishments of every single woman and chapter. Thank you UBC Sororities for giving me memories, laughter, lifelong friendships, and a second home. Muchas gracias y au revoir.

Nicole Rosa

Being a part of UBC sororities has given me the confidence and skill set to really get out there and fight for the opportunities that I want. I have always felt inspired by my sisters to do my best and get involved in every way I can. It is in my chapter that I found my professional passions and strengths. The values that I have learned as a member of a sorority, such as love, learning, labor, and loyalty will stay with me throughout the rest of my life and I know that they will guide me in all my pursuits in the future. During SOS, I am looking forward to really seeing my time in with UBC Sororities come full circle. This past year, as a senior, It’s been amazing to watch girls that I helped recruit become leaders in our chapter and to see them blossom into such amazing and inspiring women. I am so excited to celebrate with my fellow seniors our journey as sorority women and feel the love and support from the chapter as we move into the next chapter of life.

Sarah Korpach

Since joining a sorority in my second year, my experience at UBC has been entirely altered, particularly with regards to forming a strong social support system. In times where I’ve found myself totally overwhelmed when trying to maintain balance with school, varsity athletics, a part-time job, volunteer lab work, my own mental health and a social life (when I have one), I’ve looked to my sisters for the support and encouragement that I need to be successful in all aspects of my life. Thanks to my close friends within the entire Greek system, and the resources that my sorority has provided for me, I’ve been given the opportunity to flourish to my full potential during my time at UBC and confidently move forward to the next chapter of my life. At SOS I’m looking forward to sharing nostalgia of my time in the Greek system with seniors from all of the UBC sororities. It’s been a rollercoaster of a journey from new member to Delta Grandma, but I wouldn’t change my experience for the world.