Women Making Waves: Part One

Read about some of our members sharing their experiences of how the Greek community and Panhellenic events have shaped them today and a couple fun facts about them! 

  • How have opportunities provided by the Panhellenic community or your sorority impacted your life outside of the Greek System?
  • Name one value of your sorority and how you embody it.
  • How has being a member of UBC Sororities impacted your personal growth?
  • How have opportunities provided by the Panhellenic community or your sorority impacted your life outside of the Greek System?

Bronte Goldberger – Kappa Kappa Gamma

Bronte believes that the networking within the Greek System has been life changing for her. Her personal growth has been exponential because of having the opportunity to connect, and to be inspired by, so many extraordinary and brilliant women. She embodies the value of friendship from Kappa Kappa Gamma, taking the time to know all Greek system members, to attend their events and form genuine friendships. She views her chapter as a branch in a very large tree with very deep roots, it is the gateway to a system, not the end destination.

When Bronte was 5 years old, she wanted to be a bandit. Now if she could escape she would go to the Galapagos Islands to dive, Rome to eat pasta, Bali to surf, Montreal to sleep in her own bed, Hong Kong to go out and Miami to enjoy some sun. Her favorite Greek event is Alpha Phi’s dating game because it is guaranteed hilarity and one where no one is actually competing; just having some good fun together. Bronte also fears not achieving the goals she has set for herself. In 10 years time, she hopes to be a mentor to young women, still close to her big and little, in touch with her UBC friends, with an unreal job, and with enough money and time off to live life fiercely!

Emma Sullivan – Alpha Gamma Delta

Due to the encouragement and opportunities presented by her sisters, Emma took part in 5 Days for the Homeless at UBC and is now a Director there. Although some may roll their eyes at going through formal recruitment, Emma has solidified many valuable skills that apply to real-life situations, and help her to present her best self.

One of her favorite lines of the Alpha Gamma Delta purpose is: “To welcome the opportunity of contributing to the world’s work because of the joy of service thereby bestowed and the talent of leadership multiplied.” She has embodied this by focusing her marketing degree around social responsibility and sustainability; doing her best to apply for companies and organizations that create social value. She has witnessed members of the Greek community building on each other’s unique skills and talents, which she believes multiplies many times over, ultimately creating the total value that is the Panhellenic community.

Being the opposite of a morning person, Emma has always found a positive reason to get out of bed in the mornings – whether it is catching coffee with a friend or attending an interesting lecture. If she could escape right now, she would go to Budapest as her experience in Prague left her wanting more adventure! One of Emma’s fears is uncertainty and not knowing exactly what her next step will be. She has learned that while uncertainty is still terrifying, it also has come to represent opportunity and the knowledge that she has the flexibility and drive to do anything.

Mariah Mulligan – Gamma Phi Beta

To Mariah, success comes to her in moments such as gazing out at a successfully packed BC Lions that she has put tremendous work into, realizing she has achieved a goal of becoming a travelling student athletic trainer with a UBC varsity team or blindly being struck with awe when I put on her Graduation gown for photos. UBC Sororities reminds her every day to never settle. And because of the powerful women she is surrounded by she has become a Director in UBC Recreation, a Kinesiology Leader, and a student athletic trainer for the UBC Men’s Volleyball team. She believes with a history of strong fearless women shattering glass ceilings as their support network there is no limit to the things Panhellenic women can achieve.

After she thought her president’s middle name was president, instead of Mariah during Formal Recruitment, she didn’t think she was going to be invited back, but fortunately, she was able to find her home within Gamma Phi Beta. 

How can you get Mariah out of bed? Soy Vanilla Lattes. She fears not living life to the fullest and strives for the feeling of discomfort when you’ve put yourself in a position to try something foreign because that is when you truly grow as a person. She fears a life without laughter, genuine smiles, and carbon copied days, and instead aims to live a life full of laughter and opportunity. 

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