Best of the Best: Part Two

Read what Shikha, Diandra & Robyn have to say about winning Panhellenic Awards

­­Shikha Walia – 2016 Top Panhellenic Scholar Award Winner

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I was very humbled to win the Top Panhellenic Scholar Award last year and it has had such a positive impact on my endeavors since. For one, it provided me with an advantage when applying to professional school. I was asked to list five awards that I’ve won, and I know that this award strengthened my application immensely. A lot of grad schools ask for students to list their accolades, so if you’re interested in applying for grad school, or any other post-secondary schooling, I’d highly encourage you to apply for individual awards! Besides applying for schools, I’ve listed this award on my resume, and I know it will be a huge asset when I begin applying for future jobs!

Winning this award not only recognized my hard work, it also gave me a platform to help other women in the Panhellenic Community, which has been so supportive and essential to my success. If possible, when preparing for a course, I make an effort to ask a friend who has taken it before how they studied, what they found the most important for tests and quizzes, and if they have any general tips for the course. Now I can give back and help the women in my organization to reach their full potential too. My Chapter has a facebook group dedicated to academic related questions, which really helps for this, and also helps me find study buddies within all my courses!

There aren’t many organizations that have awards that recognize their members, so I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity and apply for individual awards; receive the recognition you deserve and apply today!

Diandra Tolton – 2016 Promotional Team Award Winner

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Winning the Promotional Team Award solidified my commitment to UBC Sororities, and empowered me to encourage other sorority members to participate in Panhellenic wide recruitment. My favorite part about being a Promo Team member was meeting new people; as someone who was relatively new to the greek system (Spring 2016 COB), being on the promo team was a great way to get to know girls in other chapters!

Shortly after winning this award, I was interviewed for a position at the UBC Early Developmental Research Group and got hired for research assistant position that involves recruiting families and their children to participate in studies for developmental psychology. I talked about winning this award, and how helping to recruit girls to UBC Sororities gave me the experience I needed to succeed in this role. The Promo Team doesn’t necessarily talk to every girl they stop around campus for very long, but in the short time they have, they must be able to talk about their experience as a panhellenic woman and attest to all the good that our organization has done for them. I drew many parallels to the skills used in recruiting women, to acting as a research assistant. In my role now, I must be able to talk to parents who are complete strangers to me for a short amount of time over the phone and be able to convey the benefits that the research produced at the organization provide.

It’s not often you get to contribute to the panhellenic community as a whole rather than your own specific chapter, and it’s a great feeling to come together with girls from all eight sororities to help grow not only your chapters but the whole community. I’m grateful to have been a part of this team, and to have helped get the word out so that a new generation of young women could have the same amazing experiences that I’ve been so lucky to have!

I encourage you to apply for individual awards if you’ve had the privilege to be involved as I have; and who knows, the award could start a conversation that lands you an incredible opportunity!

Robyn Wilson (left) – 2016 Recruitment Counsellor Award WinnerBest of the Best- Picture Crop

Becoming a Recruitment Counselor was an eye-opening experience, and winning the Recruitment Counsellor Award made it that much sweeter! Being in an environment where my own organization was not my main focus (as it has been for the past two years) encouraged me to learn everything I could about our seven other incredible Panhellenic chapters. While learning colors, founding dates, mascots, and symbols was not mandatory to become a recruitment counselor, it definitely helped me feel more connected to the Panhellenic community, and reminded me to be unbiased when supporting the young women who were going through the recruitment process.

Learning all I could, meeting women from the other organizations, and being prepared for any situation (mint, anyone?) definitely contributed to my success as a Recruitment Counselor. I felt so honored to be chosen as one of two top recruitment counselors, but I know that it could not have been achieved without a lot of hard work, smiles, and the help of my fellow group leaders. It was an experience that I will always look back on fondly as I move through my life and a reminder that we as chapters are not as different as we may seem from the outside.

I highly encourage you to apply for this award if you were a Recruitment Counselor last year. Each of us involved the recruitment process, both within your chapters and out, make a lasting difference on our potential new member’s experiences. Let yourself be recognized for that difference by applying for individual awards today!

Apply Today!

If Shikha, Diandra & Robyn have convinced you to apply for UBC Panhellenic Individual Awards 2017, don’t wait! The final deadline for application submissions is 7:00 pm on February 19, which is this Sunday! Ask your chapter delegate for more information, and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to email the UBC Panhellenic Council at

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