Best of the Best: Part One

Read what Emily, Mariah & Nika have to say about winning Panhellenic Awards

Emily Neufeld – 2016 All Greek Woman of the Year Award Winner

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To me, winning the All Greek Woman of the Year Award was more than an award – it was an acknowledgment that the hours, days, weeks and months I devoted tirelessly to my greater Greek community were meaningful and appreciated. Most people don’t go into their leadership positions in their chapters or communities for the recognition or the ‘good job’. As many women are all too familiar, the majority of these positions are thankless, but at the end of the day, we need to, and should, feel appreciated.

To anyone who’s considering applying for an award, consider the most you have to lose here – a bruised ego? We’re so critical of ourselves, let’s be a little kinder and practice some self-love today. Allow yourself the space to acknowledge the hard work you’ve accomplished, because you’ve accomplished a lot! If you’re on your journey up, take a moment and look back down at how far you’ve come. By applying for an individual award, you’re taking a moment to appreciate yourself and in turn providing yourself with the opportunity for your greater Greek community to also acknowledge you. We can’t thank what we don’t know!

To anyone not considering applying for an award, take a moment to thank yourself, and the leaders in our chapters and communities who selflessly devote themselves to their positions, committees, and projects – they are the silent heroes. I don’t know you, and I appreciate you. Allow UBC Sororities the opportunity to appreciate you too and fill out that individual award application!

Mariah Mulligan – 2016 Panhellenic Top Individual Athlete Award Winner 


Winning the Top Individual Athlete Award has given me the confidence to continue to push my fellow sorority women to try new things and get active. For me, sports are my escape. I’ve always been a high energy individual, I manage my constantly spinning mind by throwing myself head first into whatever sport I can find. I have found that the focus needed to succeed in a sport requires you to step out of whatever issues are facing you in that moment, and submerge yourself in the game.

This award reinforced my love for sports, and gave me a platform to influence others; there is something inspiring about having an army of women who have won this award before me driving forward sport and demanding equality of sport for women. Years of tough, athletic women who are willing to step outside their comfort zones for the love of sport have been recognized before me.

I firmly believe that winning this award solidified my passion for sports, but also encouraged me to keep trying new and different movements. Being a Kinesiology student, I have learned the importance of reinforcing physical skills through movement and maintaining positive mental health through movement. I sincerely hope that my passion for kinesiology but more importantly, my love of the game will inspire future award recipients to keep putting themselves in positions to embrace their own inner athlete, as well as ignite a passion for the athletics of the women around them! If you share the same passion for athletics as I do, apply for this award and allow UBC Sororities to recognize you for your commitment to the game.

Nika Moeini – 2016 Karen Furstrand Memorial Top Individual Leadership Award Winner


I was so proud to win the Karen Furstrand Memorial Top Individual Leadership Award for my sorority for the first time! Having my name and my chapter represented on the trophy makes me feel so honored to be a member of UBC Sororities. I feel so grateful to have been recognized as a leader in the Panhellenic community; this award has inspired and empowered me to continue with my leadership contributions.

Throughout my time at UBC, leadership has been a guiding value to me. I’ve taken positions with the Arts Undergraduate Society, Residence Hall Association, and UBC Orientations. But my particular involvement as the Founder of the first Alpha Phi Omega chapter in Canada, a service based co-ed fraternity, was my basis for winning this award. Working with a dedicated team, I grew the organization from an idea championed by a few people to a 60 member organization with members across campus.

I love contributing my ideas to make UBC a more vibrant and engaging community for students. In each role I take on, I’m able to plan events and make changes that I believe will benefit students and help them leave UBC with memories and experiences they cherish. I am so grateful to be a part of a network of women on campus who are grounded in values like connections and leadership. After gaining so much from my sorority, I believe that giving back is an essential and rewarding part of what helps our future young leaders grow. If you’ve contributed to your community through leadership and want to inspire others to make a positive impact, I encourage you to apply for Individual Awards and gain the recognition you deserve!

Apply Today!

If Emily, Mariah & Nika have convinced you to apply for UBC Panhellenic Individual Awards 2017, don’t wait!The final deadline for application submissions is 7:00 pm on February 19, which is this Sunday! Ask your chapter delegate for more information, and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to email the UBC Panhellenic Council at share this link on UBC Sororities

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