12 Budget Friendly Eats Around (And Just Off) UBC

  1. Pie R Squared (UBCard friendly!) – Hungry and want food fast? Pizza is probably the best choice there is. Don’t miss Pie R Squared located in the Nest. Go grab a slice!o
  2. Sprouts Community Eats – Every Friday, hungry students and staff line up outside of Sprouts Café in hopes of getting a healthy, hearty and vegan-full meal by donation! It’s possibly one of the best community eateries on campus! Located in the basement level of the old SUB10628358_10152728029637337_4877050760507407308_n
  3. Agora Café – Another hidden gem on campus, located in the basement of the Macmillan building, Agora serves 100% organic lunches and goodies for a very affordable price! Chocolate brownies, Earl Grey muffins and the famous Agora granola bars all go for $1 each!photo
  4. Sushi Gallery – It’s not Vancouver without sushi, so why not try out Sushi Gallery? Located at 3770 W 10th Ave, it’s just two bus stops away if you take the 99. There’s self serve miso soup and crazily creative sushi rolls suited for a student appetite with a student budgeto (1)
  5. The Naam – The restaurant itself is enough to make headlines, but this veggie hot spot is comfort food and health all wrapped up in one! IF you’re craving some poutine, make sure to try out their sesame fries dipped in miso gravy. Satisfying, yet healthy! Location: 2724 W 4th Ave.thenaam_dragonbowl
  6. University Village Food Court – Underneath the grounds of the University Village there’s a whole food court waiting for you! If you’re craving some good ol’ Chinese food or donair, come downstairs and find some home-style cooking that’ll satisfy your taste buds. Location: 5728 University Blvd.eac6e91ad559c73f0bcb52515f0e9129
  7. Only U Café – If you’re craving something easy and familiar, but don’t know where to go, look no further! Located in the University Village, their extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu of soups, salads, bennies, burgers and other comforting foods leaves you with plenty of options to fill any craving! Location: 5737 Dalhousie Rd.178941_433134293374608_1277554064_n
  8. Burgoo – A favourite spot of many UBC students. It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating, finding comfort, feeling jazzy or thinking of something casual, you’ll find all the foods here match your mood! Try the Brie fondue or the Dos Diablos with the classic tomato soup – you’ll fall in love with this restaurant! Location: 4434 W 10th Ave.126341
  9. Jethro’s Fine Grub
    – When brunch calls, Jethro’s is always the first on our minds! If you want a good portion of pancakes, give this place a try. We dare you to finish one of their massive dishes! Make sure you go early as the line usually goes out the door during the weekends! Location: 3420 Dunbar St.img_3771
  10. The Diner – If you can’t go to Britain, why not bring Britain over? It doesn’t matter if you’re British or not, The Diner will always have an authentic plate of the traditional English breakfast (complete with baked beans and black pudding) or fish n’ chips ready to go! Location: 4556 W 10th Ave.Haddock & Chips
  11. Nuba – Do you feeling like sharing? We hope you do! Nuba is a cool and modern Lebanese restaurant that is open air and beautiful inside and out! Serving both vegetarians and those who eat meat, there is always something for everyone. Make sure you give the crispy cauliflower a try! Location: 3116 West Broadway.Nuba-Mounta-Pleasant-600x300
  12. Sun Sushi – If you’re thinking of having a quick bite or getting a tray for a large sushi party, visit Sun Sushi! They have a large selection of sushi rolls, combinations, boats and trays for a reasonable price. We definitely got lucky with this restaurant opening so close to UBC! Location: 4512 W 10th Ave.DSC_7154